Revulin® Q Herbicide

Dual Modes of Action Control Weeds and Costs in Seed Corn, Other Specialty Corn

DuPont™ Revulin® Q combines two proven active ingredients in a dry flowable formulation for dependable postemergence weed control. Reduced costs and excellent crop safety make it an easy choice for seed corn and specialty corn growers.

Contact Plus Residual Activity for Lasting Control

Early postemergence applications control broadleaf and grass weeds in corn grown for seed, sweet corn, yellow popcorn, and field corn grown for silage or grain. By pairing the industry’s best grass control herbicide with a proven broadleaf control herbicide, Revulin® Q effectively controls fall panicum, woolly cupgrass, johnsongrass, foxtails, crabgrass, lambsquarters, pigweeds, ragweeds and more.

Dual Modes of Action for Resistance Management

With two active ingredients, nicosulfuron and mesotrione, and two modes of action, Revulin® Q is classified as a Group 2 and Group 27 herbicide. (HRAC mode of action classification, Weed Science Society of America). Combining multiple modes of action supports resistance management programs by preventing weed escapes and the spread of resistant weed biotypes.

Additional modes of action can be added to the season-long program by choosing a preemergence option with or without atrazine from the line of DuPont Cinch® and DuPont™ Breakfree® NXT brand herbicides.

Convenient Dry Blend

The dry flowable formulation means growers and applicators spend less time measuring and tank-mixing, which saves time and effort. Fewer jugs to haul to the application site and then dispose of also helps growers and applicators accomplish more during the busy application season.

Reduced Input Costs

Growers who have previously created tank mixes with products containing nicosulfuron and mesotrione will find Revulin® Q reduces input costs while providing multimodal benefits.

Flexible Built-In Safener

The “Q” stands for built-in safener technology that offers the flexibility to confidently apply Revulin® Q under diverse weather conditions, across more hybrids and with a wide range of adjuvants.

Revulin Q is part of TruChoice® with advantages including:

  • A local DuPont agronomy team of experts
  • A portfolio of product combinations to fit any field
  • Financial rewards and rebates



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