Voices of Experience: Better Cotton Quality Due to Worm Control

Improved cotton quality through effective worm control — that’s what impressed Joe Townsend, a crop consultant from Lula, Mississippi after working with DuPont™ Prevathon®.

Residual Worm Control

 “In 2011 we had a heavy infestation of bollworms. A lot of our Bt and WideStrike cotton was sprayed five times with a pyrethroid. I think Prevathon® is going to change that.

“For the first three weeks after we sprayed Prevathon®, our counts on worms — with three of us looking — were zero. I had absolutely never, ever, seen anything like that. It was magic, really magic.

“Prevathon® controlled the insects so well that at harvest time, we had green leaves all the way from the ground to the top of the plant, with no leaf damage. I think this aided in the yield we ended up with.

 “Prevathon® has the longest residual activity I have ever seen. It lasts longer than you can imagine. It doesn’t just take out bollworms and tobacco budworms, it takes out all the loopers, all the armyworms — everything. After you spray Prevathon®, there are no larvae-form pests in the field.”

Improved Cotton Quality

“One farmer with 550 acres of cotton used Prevathon® on his whole farm. The results were 1,200 plus pounds of cotton with a staple length over 40, a strength over 35, a 31/41 quality, and 90-something percent uniformity.

“The quality was like something I’ve never seen before. It’s like pima cotton or very, very similar to it. Really, really good. He was a very happy customer.

“The crop we made, the quality we made and the lack of insect problems make Prevathon® a no-brainer. Next year, he will have 100 percent non-Bollgard, non-Bt cotton, and will put Prevathon® on it again.”


“I’m pretty convinced that we have been taking a hit on Bollgard II and WideStrike cotton with these worms for a long time. I think now we can either not invest in the Bt cotton and use Prevathon®, or we can use Prevathon® to enhance the activity of the Bt.

“For conventional cotton, Prevathon® is the only viable and economical approach you can take.”

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