Voices of Experience: Long Residual Worm Control with Prevathon®

Long residual worm control for cotton with Prevathon®.

Northern Mississippi crop consultant Brian Hayes recommends DuPont™ Prevathon® for long-lasting residual worm control.


Residual Worm Control

“Just one application of Prevathon® on cotton, and we never found another worm in it the rest of the year. We had planned to come back three or four weeks later with another shot of Prevathon®, but we just never needed to. With other pest control options, we had to spray twice and still had a small percentage of worms in the cotton.

“Prevathon® is the silver bullet we’ve been looking for. It gives us at least three weeks of control, whereas with pyrethroids, we’re coming back every four days and still getting huge worms.”

Peace of Mind

“We went scouting every week and found nothing. It’s just that good. We had peace of mind of knowing that there were no worms out there.”


“I tell growers planting conventional cotton to budget for Prevathon®. We can’t afford to grow cotton without Prevathon®.”

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