Staple® LX Herbicide

Versatile Tank-mix Partner for Conventional and Glyphosate-tolerant Cotton

DuPont™ Staple® LX herbicide is the most versatile tank-mix partner from preemergence to over-the-top applications for conventional and Roundup Ready Flex Technology in cotton.

Even with seed technology improvements, there are still gaps in Roundup Ready Flex glyphosate tolerant programs. As a tank-mix partner, Staple® LX herbicide improves contact activity of Roundup and adds soil residual of morningglory species, teaweed, hemp sesbania, glyphosate-tolerant pigweed, dayflower, Florida beggarweed, bristly starbur, with enhanced residual grass suppression.

Because Staple® LX does not impose early and midcrop stage restrictions when mixing with glyphosate, it maintains program flexibility. Simply time your over-the-top application to weed size and go. Staple® LX can be used over the top in all cottonseed variety types: Roundup, Roundup Ready Flex Technology, LibertyLink and conventional. Plus Staple® LX now has a more economical, measurable liquid formulation.

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