Lasting Almond Disease Control

Fontelis® fungicide protects valuable crops with powerful almond disease control.

California almond growers are benefiting from lasting almond disease control with help from DuPont Fontelis® fungicide. Long-lasting and fast-acting, Fontelis® defends almond trees against bloom-time diseases, providing broad-spectrum control and the flexibility needed for resistance management of key diseases in season-long rotational strategies.

Fontelis® contains a next-generation SDHI fungicide active ingredient, penthiopyrad, which halts progression of key diseases and delivers a broad spectrum of foliar and soil-borne disease control. Key diseases controlled include brown rot blossom blight, anthracnose, botrytis rots (jacket rock/green fruit rot) and shot hole. Fontelis® may be used after the bloom period in rotational strategies for scab*, rust, powdery mildew and Alternaria leaf spot control.

Begin applications prior to disease development and continue on a seven- to 14-day interval. Use a higher application rate and shorter interval when disease pressure is high.

Fontelis® features a single mode of action, giving growers the flexibility to mix or rotate it with other fungicides to improve the quality and reliability of disease control and help manage fungicide resistance.

DuPont Fontelis® is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your DuPont representative for details and availability in your state.


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