Maximize Almond Production with Matrix® SG

Matrix® SG herbicide applied preemergence helps maximize almond production by preventing weed competition.

With world markets hungry for more almonds, growers continue searching for ways to maximize almond production. After hitting record-breaking production numbers two years in row, almond growers continue searching for ways to feed the global appetite for their appealing crop.

“While Mother Nature plays a big role in the amount of almond meat harvested each season, continued production growth depends on managing the crop as efficiently as possible,” says Mike Cunnane, DuPont Matrix® SG herbicide product manager, DuPont Crop Protection. “It all starts with minimizing factors that can divert precious resources away from supporting yields. Additionally, effective weed control program minimizes the host conditions for insects and fungi vectors.”

Keeping weeds under control is an important step in maximizing almond production, says Cunnane. “Taking weeds out of play saves vital water and nutrient resources for almond yields,” he notes. “Eliminating weeds also promotes drying and an easier harvest. In the spring, weed-free soil warms quicker for earlier nutrient root update to help meet yield potential.”

Preemergence Control, Resistance Management

Matrix® SG herbicide applied preemergence helps maximize almond yield by preventing weed competition before it can affect crop growth. Long-lasting residual control with Matrix® SG also helps manage weed resistance by controlling glyphosate-tolerant weed populations and minimizing subsequent weed seed banks.

“By applying Matrix® SG in the fall or winter, almond growers receive extended, proven control and avoid the challenges that come with treating established large weeds or attempting to control tough weeds under stressful environmental conditions,” Cunnane says.

Matrix® SG herbicide delivers contact and residual control of many tough grasses and broadleaf weeds in almonds and other tree nut crops, grapes, citrus, pome and stone fruit, as well as control of some glyphosate-resistant weeds such as kochia.

In numerous commercial applications, at a full 4-ounce rate and activated through rainfall or irrigation, PCAs and growers have observed 120 or more days of preemergence soil residual control for hairy fleabane and marestail with Matrix® SG.

Dormant Applications Ready Fields for Spring

When applied under cool, wet conditions during the dormant season (fall through early spring), Matrix® SG delivers consistent commercial weed control with demonstrated crop safety tolerance. Results from many field trials conducted by PCAs and their growers show extended soil residual control from fall and winter applications of Matrix® SG that lasts through spring dormancy break.

“California growers can count on DuPont to continuously develop new products that will help to fine-tune their programs and achieve production goals,” Cunnane adds.

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