Protect Eastern Stone and Pome Fruit with Altacor® and Avaunt® 

Altacor® and Avaunt® provide lasting protection against biting and chewing insects to help growers get the most from Eastern stone and pome fruit crops.

The DuPont™ product portfolio for Eastern stone and pome fruit crops, including DuPont™ Altacor® insect control and DuPont™ Avaunt® insecticide, provides outstanding protection all season long. With a broad spectrum of control against key biting and chewing insects, DuPont™ offers fast, long-lasting protection to ensure growers get the most from each fruit harvest. And Altacor® and Avaunt® are great rotational partners for an effective resistance management strategy.

Altacor® insect control powered by Rynaxypyr® delivers nearly immediate, long-lasting protection, prevents buildup of pest populations and maximizes yield potential of stone and pome fruit crops.

Altacor® - Remarkable Protection from Stone and Pome Fruit Pests

  • Controls Oriental fruit moth, codling moth, obliquebanded leafroller, redbanded leafroller, varigated leafroller, tufted apple bud moth, Eastern apple sawfly, cherry fruit fly* and more**
  • Multi-stage control with a high level of larvicidal activity
  • Strong residual activity
  • Insects stop eating almost immediately
  • No mite or aphid flaring

Altacor® - Application Flexibility

  • Short re-entry interval – 4 hours
  • Short preharvest interval – 5 days for pome fruit, 10 days for stone fruit
  • Excellent rainfastness

Altacor® - Excellent Environmental Profile

  • High selectivity to beneficial arthropods and pollinators
  • Excellent fit with IPM programs 

Avaunt® insecticide delivers almost immediate insect protection against a wide variety of yield- and quality-robbing Eastern stone and pome fruit pests, giving growers more time to manage their businesses.

Avaunt® - Outstanding Control of Major Stone Fruit Pests

  • Expanded label includes a variety of stone fruit pests, plum curculio, peach twig borer and Oriental fruit moth in apricots, sweet and tart cherries, nectarines, peaches and plums
  • Pests stop feeding in 0-4 hours

Avaunt® - Application Flexibility

  • Short re-entry interval – 12 hours
  • Preharvest interval – 14 days
  • Low use rate – 6.0 ounces per acre

Avaunt® - Beneficial Environmental Profile

  • Easy on beneficial insects
  • Ideal for IPM programs


**See product label for specific crop/pest combinations controlled or suppressed

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