Kocide® 3000 Fungicide/Bactericide for Improved Disease Control

Kocide® 3000 delivers excellent performance with less copper.

DuPont™ Kocide® 3000 fungicide/bactericide delivers the excellent performance that tree fruit, tree nut, vine, vegetable and cereal growers have come to expect from Kocide® brands, but with less copper, for more environmentally favorable disease control.

Advanced formulation delivers reliable control and much more

  • Improved bioactivity — more disease control per pound of copper applied than any other DuPont copper fungicide/bactericide
  • Favorable environmental profile
  • Improved disease control for more marketable crops
  • High sprayability — low-foaming
  • Excellent spray-tank stability
  • DF formulation mixes instantly in water for optimum dispersion and low dust levels

Kocide® 3000 delivers more results with less copper
Pound for pound, Kocide® 3000 delivers more bioactive copper for more disease control with less product per acre.


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