Fontelis® Fungicide For Use on Peanuts

Disease Control That’s Ready For Just About Anything

New DuPont™ Fontelis® fungicide delivers broad-spectrum peanut disease control for higher-quality, higher-yielding peanut crops no matter what challenges come your way.

Fontelis® utilizes a new active ingredient to deliver excellent peanut plant protection with remarkable preventive and curative control of a variety of diseases, including control of early and late leaf spot, as well as soil-borne diseases such as Southern stem rot, blight, Rhizoctonia pod and stem blight, including strains that are resistant to other chemistries. Plus, its preventive and curative action works as well under heavy disease pressure as light.

Trials show that Fontelis® delivers excellent control for high-yielding peanuts.

Fontelis® easily fits into any program no matter the weather and is effective on more diseases. Its optimized formulation offers excellent crop safety with short reentry and a 14-day pre-harvest interval. Combined with outstanding rainfastness (within 1 hour of application) and its convenient tank mix compatibility, Fontelis® offers the power and flexibility peanut growers need to better manage crops for high-quality and high-yield.


**White mold is the common name for Sclerotium rolfsii and southern stem blight.

Abound is registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company. Headline is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation. Provost is registered trademark of Bayer CropScience. Convoy is a registered trademark of Nichino America, Inc. Bravo Weather Stik is a registered trademark of GB Biosciences Corporation.

The right peanut disease control program helps growers optimize production.

Strategic Peanut Disease Control


  • Fontelis® Fungicide

    Fontelis® fungicide delivers broader-spectrum coverage for fast-acting and long-lasting protection that’s preventive and curative. It’s the power and flexibility fruit, nut, vegetable and peanut growers need to deal with just about anything for higher quality, higher-yielding crops.

Product Information


  • Effective Peanut Worm Control

    In hot, dry weather, egg-laying moths are attracted to green, moist peanut vines. Frequent scouting and the right peanut worm control program help protect peanut crops from yield loss due to insect damage.

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