Kocide® 3000 Fungicide/Bactericide

State-of-the-art Copper Fungicide Delivers Lasting Protection

DuPont™Kocide® 3000 fungicide/bactericide delivers increased bioactivity, better dispersion and longer residual for each pound of copper applied.

DuPont™ Kocide® 3000 fungicide/bactericide is formulated with state-of-the-art technology to protect against diseases in wheat, citrus, pepper, tomato tree nut, vine, fruit and has less of an impact to the environment.

Kocide® 3000 places a smaller load on the environment since less copper is applied per application. The DF formulation makes it even more mixer- and applicator-friendly. Kocide® 3000 mixes instantly in water and stays in suspension longer with low foaming for optimum dispersion and improved sprayability and tank stability.

Managing Bacterial Disease



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