Land & Vegetation Management

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Effective December 1, 2014 you may contact Bayer CropScience for more information on the following land and vegetation management products. Please visit

To obtain the DuPont label or MSDS for one of these products, please click here to use our Label Locator Tool and our MSDS Finder Tool.

Cimarron® MAX Herbicide
Cimarron® Plus Herbicide
Cimarron® X-Tra Herbicide
Escort® XP Herbicide
Hyvar® X Herbicide
Hyvar® X-L Herbicide
Krovar® I DF Herbicide
Landmark® XP Herbicide
Lineage® ClearStand® Herbicide
Method® Herbicide
Oust® Extra Herbicide
Oust® XP Herbicide
Oustar® Herbicide
Pastora® Herbicide
Perspective® Herbicide
Streamline® Herbicide
Telar® XP Herbicide
Throttle® XP Herbicide
TranXit® Herbicide
Velpar® L Herbicide
Velpar® DF Herbicide
Viewpoint® Herbicide
Westar® Herbicide

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