Oilseed & Pulse Crop Protection

With effective crop protection and the Crop Protection Plus® product cost replacement program, DuPont helps oilseed crop and pulse crop growers get the most from every high-value acre.

It takes a special mindset to get the most from oilseed and pulse crops.

High-value commodities and crop rotation details make every decision critical. Growers can count on DuPont for the specialized crop protection solutions and support they need to get the most from every acre.

Crop Protection Plus program helps growers manage uncertainty

Crop Protection Plus® Program


  • TankMix App and Demo Video

    The DuPont TankMix Calculator Application lets you quickly and easily calculate product amounts for your field or tank size. A demonstration video shows you how.

  • Crop Protection Plus program helps growers manage uncertainty

    Crop Protection Plus® Program

  • DuPont Offers Sunflower Production Portfolio

    Growers who have long relied on DuPont™ Asana® XL insecticide now can turn to DuPont™ Assure® II herbicide, DuPont™ Express® herbicide and the DuPont™ ExpressSun® trait system for even more protection.

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    TruChoice® Program: Northern Plains

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    Protecting Against Weather’s Worst

  • PSC-1_header_cereals_protection_1250x328_630x315_0

    Benefits of TotalSol® Technology

  • Sunflower & Flax Protection Program

    The DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® program is helping provide peace of mind for producers in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. To participate, growers much purchase and apply Assure® II or Express® herbicides and/or Asana® XL insecticide to a qualifying crop. If that crop is destroyed by drought, frost, freeze, flood, hail or fire, DuPont will provide product cost-replacement credit at their local retailer where the product was purchased, in the amount of the in-season purchase used to treat the lost areas.

  • Legume and Pulse Protection Program

    DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® is a product cost replacement program for growers in Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming who apply DuPont™ Assure® II herbicide to canola, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), crambe, dry beans, dry and succulent peas, dry lentils, and/or apply Asana® XL insecticide to chickpeas (garbanzo beans) dry beans, dry and succulent peas and/or lentils

  • DuPont Sulfonylurea Herbicides

    DuPont is committed to helping customers succeed by providing high-quality, proven sulfonylurea herbicides; exceptional support and programs; and in-depth knowledge of local crop production concerns.

  • Count on DuPont

    Count on DuPont is a promise to be there for you — today and in the future. It’s our commitment to helping you succeed for the long term. And it's your assurance that you're getting the tested and proven quality of our land management products, the support and program you can rely on, and our in-depth knowledge of local crop protection and land management concerns.

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