Curzate® 60DF Fungicide

An Affordable Way to Strengthen Your Preventive Disease Program

DuPont™ Curzate® 60DF fungicide rapidly penetrates plant tissue to stop unseen infections even when applied up to three days after infection and continues working two to three days inside the plant tissue to halt new infections as they start. This unique activity helps prevent flare-ups.

Curzate® 60DF is labeled for use on potatoes, potato seed pieces, tomatoes, cucurbit crops, head lettuce, leaf lettuce, spinach and hops to preserve yields. 

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  • Potato Pest Control

    DuPont defends against key potato pests, including, insects, nematodes, diseases and weeds, giving growers tools they need to optimize potato yield and quality. Count on DuPont to provide reliable, consistent control. (See product labels for crop/pest combinations controlled or suppressed.)


  • Verimark® Insect Control

    Verimark® delivers early season soil-applied insect control to protect vegetable crops and young citrus trees from insect damage to yield, quality.

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