DuPont Crop Protection Recognized With Three Prestigious Agrow Awards

DuPont Crop Protection receives three 2012 Agrow Awards

WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 14, 2012 – DuPont Crop Protection this week received three prestigious Agrow Awards in recognition of innovation and agriculture excellence in its product and technology development efforts. This makes DuPont the company that has received the most awards since their inception in 2007.  Agrow is a leading provider of news, analysis and data to the global agriculture industry.

The Agrow Awards were developed to recognize excellence in the crop protection and production industry.  Entries are judged using a wide range of criteria by an independent judging panel consisting of a group of senior experts from around the world. The three awards received this year bring the number of Agrow Awards received by DuPont Crop Protection and its scientists to 14. This is the fifth year in a row that the company has been recognized.

“We are incredibly honored to receive these prestigious awards and celebrate what our teams have brought to our company and the industry,” said Rik L. Miller, president, DuPont Crop Protection. “These teams, through their ingenuity, commitment and teamwork, show the drive for excellence that we strive for every day in our organization. These awards are a testament to our on-going commitment in sustainable food production through innovation and science.”

DuPont Crop Protection was recognized for the following products and technologies:

Most Innovative Chemistry – Piperidinyl Thiazole Isoxazoline fungicide. The development of this new piperidinyl thiazole isoxazoline class of fungicides represents a dramatic improvement for growers in the control of diseases in potatoes, grapes and other specialties crops. The chemistry also has a favorable environmental profile, which is a benefit to workers and consumers, as well as our environment.

Best Off-Patent Pesticide Strategy – DuPont™ PrecisionPac™. This Agrow Award was given to DuPont for the development of an innovative herbicide dispensing system that offers growers customized weed control. Introduced into the U.S. market in 2011, PrecisionPac™ dispenses the exact amount of product or product mixture customized for the size of the farmer’s field or sprayer load. DuPont™ PrecisionPac™ has enabled the company to provide its customers with valuable blends of products customized to rapidly changing weed control needs.

Best Formulation Innovation – Second Generation Liquid Herbicides. This Agrow Award recognized the development of a second generation liquid nicosulfuron sulfonylurea herbicide for corn growers that, pending appropriate legal and regulatory approvals, the company expects to market under the DuPont™ Victus™ and Collage™ brands. This novel formulation will provide customers with increased product stability, weed control performance and rainfastness. In addition, the new formulation will allow new premixed products, giving the grower more product options with reduced packaging.

In 2011, DuPont Crop Protection and its scientists earned three Agrow Awards. DuPont earned accolades in the categories of Best New Crop Protection Product or Trait and Best Innovation in Non-Crop. Additionally, DuPont Fellow George P. Lahm was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award.

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