Early Season Tobacco Worm Control Protects Yield and Quality

Protect tobacco yield with early season tobacco worm control using Coragen® insect control.

Worms can quickly take a bite out of tobacco profits. But so can trips through the field with foliar applications. Three growers explain how effective tobacco worm control provides peace of mind and delivers bigger returns at harvest.

Start Clean, Finish Strong

“We’ve dramatically reduced leaf loss from hornworm damage,” says Donald Mitchell, who grows burley tobacco near Midway, Ky. He is getting better tobacco worm control with DuPont™ Coragen® insect control and that control is delivering bigger yields. “In years when worm pressure is high, crops treated with Coragen® in transplant water are clean. With tobacco prices at more than two dollars per pound, that’s a smart investment.”

Fewer in-season spray applications also contribute to a healthier bottom line, Mitchell says. “The only foliar applications we make are for disease control at layby and sucker control at topping. With fewer trips through the field and bigger yields, Coragen® helps boost farm productivity and profitability.”

Gain Efficiency

With 5,500 acres in production, Lyn Vick from Vick Family Farms, Wilson, N.C., prizes efficiency. “Time is the one thing I can’t purchase from my dealer,” he says. “An application of Coragen® in transplant water protects plants for four weeks or more, freeing labor and equipment for other tasks.”

This proactive approach alleviates stress on Vick and on his developing crop. “Coragen® gives us confidence. We know the crop is protected when we put it in the ground.”

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Pender Sharp, a fourth-generation tobacco grower near Sims, N.C., says excellent crop safety makes Coragen® an ideal fit for his 700 acres of flue-cured tobacco. “The root zone is extremely sensitive. Using Coragen® in transplant water is gentle on the crop and provides budworm control for six weeks and more. That gives us incredible peace of mind.”

He adds the favorable environmental profile for Coragen® provides value. “Worker safety is very important to us. With a short re-entry interval, Coragen® lets us get back to work with confidence.”