Dermacor® X-100 Seed Treatment

Suppress Grape Colaspis* to Avoid Yield-Robbing Insect Damage

DuPont™ Dermacor® X-100 rice seed treatment is highly effective in controlling stemborers and rice water weevil, the most widespread and economically damaging rice crop insect pests.

Dermacor® X-100 rice seed treatment provides early control of damaging insects, giving plants stronger root mass for better utilization of nutrients and a healthier, faster-growing crop. Protection continues through stand establishment and heading out to help maximize rice crop yield and value.

Researcher and rice industry insiders who use Dermacor® X-100 rice seed treatment have seen the results for themselves. Here are a few of their comments: “Made rice plants much healthier.” “Highest-yielding harvest ever.” “Didn’t have any troubles with rice water weevil damage.”
DuPont™ Dermacor® X-100 is not available in all states. See your local DuPont retailer or representative for details and availability in your state.

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