Seed Treatment

Collaborating to Create Innovative Seed Treatment Products

DuPont Seed Treatment Enterprise collaborates with seed companies around the world to create innovative seed treatment product concepts that help growers get the most from their crops.

At DuPont, we think about seed treatments differently. Our deep expertise with both seed and crop protection let us address customer needs with cutting-edge solutions that help farmers get the most from their seed investments.

Market-Driven Science

The DuPont research and development team thoroughly tests new product candidates in fields around the world to help ensure the best seed treatments are developed to meet specific pest challenges and growing conditions.


We partner with seed companies to identify and create seed treatment concepts that protect the genetic potential of important field crops. Our in-house experience, new proprietary technologies and access to third-party technologies enable us to improve and enhance products for each seed offering.

Bringing Everything Together

Our superior understanding of seed, seed handling and crop protection technologies help us to strike the right balance between handling characteristics (plantability) and grower seed protection needs. Our comprehensive product trials ensure quality seed treatment product solutions. And our training and stewardship programs help production and sales teams understand how each product will be best used to optimize the grower experience.