Sorghum Protection

Maximize Grain Sorghum Yield

Raising high-yielding grain sorghum crops requires updated strategies for managing weed competition and damage by insects and disease.

Annual grass weeds, including crabgrass, barnyardgrass, signalgrass and panicum, compete for moisture and nutrients and can reduce grain sorghum yield by as much as 20 percent.

DuPont Crop Protection offers a range of crop protection products to help growers maximize yield in conventional sorghum and sorghum varieties containing the DuPont™ Inzen™ herbicide tolerance sorghum trait.

This advance in sorghum genetics gives growers greater ability to control yield-limiting grass weeds for improved yields, profitability and convenience. When used on crops with the Inzen™ trait, DuPont™ Zest™ WDG herbicide provides growers with more options for controlling grass weeds, plus the inherent crop safety provided by built-in herbicide tolerance.

Please note: Before applying Zest™ WDG to sorghum with the Inzen™ trait, growers and applicators must complete a stewardship training program.

Click on this link Access Training Module to go to the online training module.



Always read and follow all label directions and precautions for use.

DuPont™ Zest™ WDG is a restricted-use pesticide.

DuPont Zest™ WDG herbicide and DuPont Aproach® fungicide are not registered in all states. See your DuPont retailer or representative for availability in your state.

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