Flexible Volunteer Corn Control with Assure® II

About the last thing growers want to see in their soybean or cotton fields is corn. That’s why regardless of the corn production program used, every grower needs a plan to control volunteer corn.

DuPont™ Assure® II herbicide is the best grass herbicide for controlling volunteer corn in soybeans. Assure® II, whether used alone or in a tank mix, provides excellent control of LibertyLink or Roundup Ready volunteer corn. In results compiled from 11 Midwestern universities, a 4 ounce/acre rate of Assure® II controlled 94 percent of volunteer corn at 11 to 22 days after treatment. By comparison, a 6 ounce/acre rate of Select Max herbicide controlled only 85 percent.

"Simply put, Assure® II provides the best control of volunteer corn in Roundup Ready, LibertyLink, IMI- Corn or conventional trait corn." It also has the flexibility to be tank mixed with several broadleaf weed herbicides and insecticides, including DuPont™ Synchrony® XP or DuPont™ Classic® herbicide. For best results, apply 5 fluid ounces per acre on 12- to 18-inch tall volunteer corn and 8 fluid ounces for 18- to 30-inch tall volunteer corn.

Count on Assure® II for the best volunteer corn control.


LibertyLink is a registered trademark of Bayer Group.  Roundup Ready is a registered trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC.  Select Max is a registered trademark of Valent USA Corporation. IMI Corn is a trademark of BASF Corporation.


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