Foliar Health Basics: Fungicide Return on Investment

Crop consultant evaluates health of soybean plants

Generating Return on Fungicide Investment

With tighter crop margins, some growers see eliminating some inputs as an easy way to reduce input investment. But in the case of fungicides, diminishing disease protection could result in significant yield loss at a time when every bushel counts.

Aproach® Prima Protects Yield Potential, Increases Revenue

In multi-year comparisons, applying Aproach® Prima helped increase yield and revenue in corn, soybeans and wheat.

Aproach® Prima: Higher Soybean Yields (2010-2015)

Side-by-side trials across six years show the yield advantage of using Aproach® Prima provides to control disease.

Frogeye Leaf Spot Control for Profitable Soybean Production

Side-by side trial shows Aproach® Prima provides effective frogeye leaf spot control.

Applying a top-performing fungicide at the critical reproductive stage in soybeans is typically the most profitable strategy. In multiple soybean trials conducted between 2010 and 2015, applying DuPont Aproach® Prima fungicide at R2-R3 led to crops that produced greater yields than untreated plots and plots treated with other fungicides.

In 2015 University of Tennessee field trials that focused on control of heavy frogeye leaf spot pressure, Aproach® Prima provided top profitability per acre compared to other fungicide applications and untreated check plots, based on a soybean price of $8.80 per bushel.

Yield losses from high disease pressure are more obvious, but there can be yield benefits when using the right fungicide under lower disease pressure, says Bond McInnes, fungicide technical manager, DuPont Crop Protection.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen consistent yield gains from using Aproach® Prima under a range from high to low disease pressure, with an average soybean yield gain of 3.7 bushels per acre.”

DuPont Aproach® Prima fungicide is not registered in all states. See your DuPont retailer or representative for availability in your state.

Fortix® (FMC); Headline®, Priaxor® (BASF); Quadris® (Syngenta); Stratego® (Bayer).


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