Foliar Health Basics: Fungicide and Effect on Yield

Grower and agronomist check plant health in a soybean field

How Do Fungicides Protect Yield?

Fungicides do more than control disease. By controlling foliar and soil-borne diseases, fungicides maximize green leaf area, which improves photosynthesis and that helps achieve yield.

Picoxystrobin Uptake and Translocation

Picoxystrobin’s rapid uptake into and movement through the plant helps compensate for the challenges of making applications at the right time.

Aproach® Prima Controls Entire Pathogen Life Cycle

Using two modes of action, Aproach® Prima delivers preventive, curative and eradicant activity against key yield-limiting diseases.

Aproach® Prima Protects Yield Potential, Increases Revenue

Side-by-side trials across six years show the yield advantage of using Aproach® Prima provides to control disease.

Here’s how the process works: Fungicides can help boost plant health and productivity by increasing root and shoot growth and helping the plant create chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is vital for photosynthesis, which converts sunlight into energy for plant growth and yield.

Strobilurin fungicides improve plant color and vigor, which helps support more vigorous, healthier crops. But there are differences between fungicide active ingredients in the strobilurin class. Picoxystrobin, an active ingredient in DuPont™ Aproach® and Aproach® Prima fungicides, is unique among the strobilurin class of chemistry because it is most rapidly absorbed by the plant and then moves quickly within the plant.“That movement helps protect leaf surfaces the fungicide application couldn’t reach, including near the soil surface, where many diseases originate,” explains Bond McInnes, fungicide technical manager, DuPont Crop Protection. “Aproach® and Aproach® Prima deliver residual control even for leaves and stems that have not yet emerged. Along with lasting curative and preventive activity, that means growers have more flexible application timing and get reliable disease control throughout the growing season.”

Corn diseases such as gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight and rust can reduce kernel size, shorten the stay-green period and weaken stalks, which makes them more prone to lodging. A University of Nebraska field trial showed that an application of Aproach® Prima improved harvestability by lengthening the corn stay-green period. Easier harvest puts more bushels in the bin and reduces stress during the busy season.

In six years of soybean trials across the U.S., an application of Aproach® Prima made at the R2 to R3 growth stage improved yield and revenues over other fungicides and untreated plots.

DuPont Aproach® Prima fungicide is not registered in all states. See your DuPont retailer or representative for availability in your state.

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