Enhance Glyphosate Performance with Classic®

Boost Glyphosate Action in Soybeans

A proven tank-mix partner for glyphosate, Classic® enhances postemergence soybean weed control programs by improving control of challenging broadleaf weeds, including yellow nutsedge, morningglory, hemp sesbania, sicklepod, smartweed and giant ragweed. With long-lasting residual activity, Classic® keeps working to control later-emerging competitive broadleaf weeds until canopy.

Benefits of tank-mixing Classic® with glyphosate include:

• Improved weed-resistance management
• Cleaner fields at harvest
• Starting rotational crop in a cleaner field
• Economical post-emergence broadleaf weed control

Consider choosing Abundit® Edge herbicide (glyphosate).

Classic® is also labeled for use on STS®/Roundup Ready stacked trait soybeans.

See the glyphosate manufacturer’s label for specific ammonium sulfate and surfactant recommendation.

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