Synchrony® XP Enhances Glyphosate Performance in Soybeans

Soybean growers have been searching for solutions to increasing glyphosate resistance in their fields. One effective option is a soybean variety that is tolerant to glyphosate and has the STS® trait.

DuPont™ Synchrony® XP herbicide is approved for use with the STS® trait and can provide added control in STS®/Roundup Ready stacked trait soybeans.

Synchrony® XP is a complementary herbicide that enhances a glyphosate program. Weeds that escape a glyphosate-only program will stay in fields for the entire season, become progressively harder to control and cause yield losses. A tankmix of Synchrony® XP and glyphosate, sprayed early when weeds are small, provides better season-long weed control of many tough weeds.

The many benefits include:

  • Improved weed-resistance management
  • Cleaner fields at harvest
  • Starting rotational crop in a cleaner field
  • Economical post-emergence broadleaf weed control

Synchrony® XP can be applied any time after emergence but no later than 60 days before crop maturity. See the glyphosate manufacturer’s label for specific ammonium sulfate and surfactant recommendation.

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