Voices of Experience: Waterhemp Control in Soybeans

Trivence® provides waterhemp control in soybeans.

Getting the upper hand on waterhemp control is a chief concern for Danny Schnitker, who manages weed control for his family’s soybean, corn and wheat acres in southern Illinois.

“The influx of herbicide-resistant weeds has changed our weed-control strategy,” he says. “We no longer rely on glyphosate alone for effective weed control. Now we’re using a variety of tactics, including new herbicides, different tillage methods and revised application timing.”

Waterhemp Control Comparison

Schnitker says the farm is incorporating more residual herbicides in its weed-control strategies and is looking for new options for waterhemp control. In 2013, he compared DuPont Trivence® herbicide to the competition for burndown weed control in soybeans.

“Waterhemp was already emerging when we made the burndown applications with Trivence® and another burndown herbicide. Three weeks later at planting, the 40 acres treated with Trivence® were much cleaner than the 40 acres treated with a competitive burndown herbicide.”

Schnitker says the three active ingredients in Trivence® offer a fresh approach to managing weed resistance.

“Inclusion of metribuzin provides outstanding contact control of challenging weeds such as waterhemp, helping us to keep resistant populations in check.”

Long-lasting Results

The benefits of that clean start continued throughout the growing season, Schnitker reports.

“Trivence® provided outstanding burndown control of resistant waterhemp and lasting residual control kept fields clean long after planting, taking pressure off the postemergence application.”

Premix Convenience

Multiple modes of action in a convenient premix make Trivence® an excellent fit for Schnitker’s application program.

“With so many products going into the tank mix these days, it’s really helpful to have a product like Trivence®. There’s less chance for mixing error or compatibility issues.

“Trivence® is an excellent fit for spring preplanting applications in soybeans. It provides excellent residual control with outstanding burndown activity that we just don’t see with other products.”

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