Voices of Experience: Control Winter Annual Weeds with LeadOff®

A fall application of DuPont™ LeadOff® herbicide helps grower Kip Cullers control winter annual weeds for earlier planting the following spring.

Soybean yield winner Kip Cullers says timely planting is key to top yields. He proved his point by growing a record-setting 160 bushels per acre on one of his southwestern Missouri fields. Cullers planted those soybeans on April 14, on the early side of what’s considered advisable for soybeans in his region.

Cullers watches soil and environmental conditions closely to plant as early as possible without planting too early. To help soils reach at least 55 F before planting, he controls winter annual weeds with a fall application of DuPont LeadOff® herbicide so the spring sun can warm and dry soil for the earliest possible planting date.

“We have a lot of henbit, chickweed, and crabgrass here. It’s a nightmare for planting,” says Cullers. “Unless you control them, the weeds trap moisture and keep the ground cold.”

He conducted an on-farm test on winter annual weed control, comparing LeadOff® with no fall application. The untreated section had waist-high weeds that prevented planting. The treated section was planted on time.

“LeadOff® is great for corn, soybeans or cotton,” says Cullers. “You can plant corn right away after applying LeadOff® and you wait at least 30 days to plant soybeans* or cotton*. I find corn comes up three to five days earlier behind LeadOff®. That’s the difference between starting with a clean seedbed and planting into junk.”

*See product label for specific use rates, application timing and rotational guidelines.
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