Afforia® Herbicide

Herbicide Resistance Management, Consistent Weed Control

DuPont™ Afforia® herbicide helps achieve a clean seedbed with consistent weed control for soybeans and other field crops. Two modes of action support herbicide resistance management and deliver burndown and residual control, plus crop rotation flexibility.

Consistent Weed Control

Afforia® provides effective burndown of winter annuals, dandelions and volunteer canola. Lasting residual control keeps fields free of the most challenging broadleaf weeds, including kochia, lambsquarters, marestail, pigweed species, waterhemp, common ragweed.

Preplant Resistance Management

When herbicides that affect a single biological site of action are used repeatedly to control the same weed species in the same field, naturally occurring resistant biotypes may survive a correctly applied herbicide treatment and take over the field.

Managing herbicide resistance may require changing cultural practices within and between crop seasons, such as using a combination of tillage, retreatment, tank-mix partners and/or sequential herbicide applications that affect different sites of action.

With three active ingredients and two modes of action, Afforia® is classified as a Group 2 and Group 14 premix herbicide (HRAC mode of action classification, Weed Science Society of America). Combining multiple modes of action supports resistance management programs by preventing weed escapes and the spread of resistant weed biotypes.

Cropping Flexibility

Soybeans may be planted one day after applying Afforia®, which also has short preplanting intervals for many other crops, including field corn, sorghum, wheat, cotton and rice. This flexibility helps growers respond to changing weather and market conditions.

Tank-Mix Compatibility

Afforia® tank-mixes easily with glyphosate and/or 2,4-D LVE for cross-spectrum burndown control prior to planting and lasting residual control. Combining modes of action by tank-mixing also supports preplant resistance management.

Afforia® is part of TruChoice®, with advantages including:

  • Financial rewards and rebates
  • A local DuPont agronomy team of experts
  • A portfolio of product combinations to fit any field

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