Canopy® Blend Herbicide

Soybean Burndown Option for Minimum-Tillage Acres

DuPont™ Canopy® Blend combines two modes of action for effective burndown and residual control of difficult weeds before or at soybean planting.

Easy-to-use Formulation

Using proprietary DuPont extrusion/blending technology, Canopy® Blend is a dry, flowable, dispersible granular herbicide that is easy to measure and pour, mix and store.

Control of Tough Weeds

Canopy® Blend helps meet the need for effective control of challenging weeds, including glyphosate-tolerant Palmer pigweed and marestail, while helping to avoid further resistance development.

Growers and applicators familiar with DuPont™ Canopy® herbicide should review the Canopy® Blend label for application rates and recrop intervals, since application details for the two products are not identical.

Canopy® Blend is part of the TruChoice® Advantage, connecting growers with:

  • Local DuPont agronomy experts
  • Product combinations to fit any field
  • Financial rewards

Canopy® Blend: Soybean Burndown Tool

Canopy® Blend herbicide’s updated formulation delivers soybean burndown activity on minimum-tillage acres to boost early season performance.

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