Canopy® Herbicide

Residual Control Pushes Postemergence Application Closer to Crop Canopy

DuPont™ Canopy® Herbicide provides burndown plus residual control of early-season weeds for weed-free soybeans well into the season, letting you make your postemergence application closer to crop canopy for season-long weed protection.

Longer-lasting residual activity maximizes early-season control of tough weeds, allowing postemergence applications to be made closer to crop canopy.

Two Modes of Action Prevent and Manage Weed Resistance

Canopy® features two modes of action to help prevent and manage weed resistance, including better control of glyphosate-tolerant weeds.

Flexible, Reliable Burndown Broadens Application Window

Canopy® delivers reliable burndown plus residual control of winter annuals and early-season weeds, even under cool, wet conditions, extending the postemergence herbicide application window.

For glyphosate-tolerant soybeans, add DuPont™ Synchrony® XP  or DuPont™ Classic®  Herbicide for broader-spectrum broadleaf weed control and DuPont™ Assure® II herbicide for volunteer corn and tough grasses with an in-crop glyphosate application such as DuPont™ Abundit® Extra  .

Fall Herbicide Applications


  • Get Started Earlier with Canopy® Herbicide

    Canopy® herbicide delivers burndown plus residual activity to help maximize early-season control of tough weeds, allowing the postemergence application to be made closer to canopy.

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