Enlite® Herbicide

Enlite®: Weed Control With No pH Soil Restrictions

Applied before or at planting, DuPont™ Enlite® herbicide delivers excellent weed control for soybeans in a variety of soil types and growing conditions with no soil pH restrictions.  

Two Modes of Action Deliver Consistent Weed Control
Two modes of action deliver consistent control of the toughest weeds, including winter annuals, dandelion, lambsquarters and other glyphosate- or ALS-tolerant or resistant weeds.

Contact Plus Residual Control
Enlite® offers more consistent weed control to help growers get their soybean crop off to a strong start. Plus, the postemergence application may be made closer to soybean canopy, reducing the number of in-crop herbicide treatments.

Added Flexibility
Enlite® provides growers with the added flexibility of being able to add it to all pH soil types.
For glyphosate-tolerant soybeans, follow Enlite® with an in-crop application of Abundit® Extra glyphosate. When needed, add herbicides such as DuPont™ Synchrony® XP , DuPont™ Harmony® SG  or DuPont™ Assure® II  for broader-spectrum weed control.


Video: Spring Weeds: Control Strategies


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    Video: Control Unexpected Weeds in Soybeans

    Learn about how DuPont™ Enlite® herbicide offers a unique combination of contact plus residual activity to allow growers to make post applications closer to crop canopy, and the flexibility to be used on all pH spoils.



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