Managing With Copper RED Labeling

Plan for season-long disease protection of vegetable crops despite copper RED labeling.

Ensuring that fruiting vegetable crops have season-long protection against disease now requires planning. Since the U.S. EPA introduced new copper reregistration eligibility decision (Copper RED) labeling guidelines, you must carefully analyze your copper-fungicide protection program to avoid exceeding allowable copper use levels in fresh-market crops prior to final harvest.

Among other things, Copper RED labeling guidelines have:

  • Reduced the amount of metallic copper that can be applied per application.
  • Reduced the amount of metallic copper that can be applied per season.
  • Reduced the number of applications that can be made per season.

All copper-containing fungicides are not created equal. Choose the product with the most active copper to get the most effective control at lower rates, so you don’t get short-changed on applications later in the season. DuPont™ Kocide® 3000 delivers more bioactive fungicide/bactericide copper — pound for pound — so you get more disease control with less metallic copper than many standard copper products.

Example: Fresh-market Tomatoes

The maximum metallic copper application allowed per season is 8 pounds for this crop.

Kocide® 3000 contains 30 percent metallic copper equivalent material, which means you can apply up to 26.7 pounds per year. At the median application rate of 1.25 pounds per application, that equals 21applications of Kocide® 3000 per season.

A fungicide product with 37.5 percent metallic copper equivalent material allows you to apply just 21.33 pounds per year. With a median rate of 2.0 pounds per application, that equals just 10 applications per year.

Don’t get caught short on disease protection. By increasing the number of potential applications per season in tomatoes, Kocide® 3000 can help lengthen your season and increase production. That’s especially significant for longer-producing crops such as grape tomatoes.

Do the math and you’ll see Kocide® 3000 offers the best season-long control.

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.