Use a Single Active Ingredient to Manage Resistance

Using pest-control products with single active ingredients supports resistance management.
Single active ingredient products help support resistance management in fruiting vegetables.

Developing a sound pest-control program for your fruiting vegetables requires careful planning for effective resistance management. Using products with single active ingredients provide more flexibility throughout the season.

“It’s often a waste to use multiple modes of action in one application,” says Shine Taylor, DuPont Crop Protection field development representative in Florida. “To maximize the value of using different chemistries throughout the growing season, employ a single active ingredient and one mode of action at a time.”

Plan the Best Product Rotation

The international Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) classifies insecticides into group numbers by active ingredient mode of action to help growers plan the best product rotation to avoid resistance development. IRAC also publishes a convenient mode-of-action classification information that can help you plan pest management strategies.

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