Control Tomato Worm Pests with Coragen®

Devastating crop losses early in the season from curly top virus have put the pressure on tomato growers to protect remaining yields and meet contract quotas. “Growers have a lot riding on their fields,” says Dale DeShane, pest control advisor and owner of Supervised Control Service in Kern County, California. “They’re heavily invested in this crop and don’t want any surprises this close to harvest.”

Crossing the finish line with the best possible tomato crop means protecting plants from yield-robbing worm pests. “Lepidopteran pests, such as beet armyworm, Western yellowstriped armyworm and tomato fruitworm can quickly reduce quality and yield,” explains Jeff Pacheco, technical sales agronomist, DuPont Crop Protection.

To protect tomatoes from devastating feeding damage, he recommends DuPont Coragen® insect control powered by Rynaxypyr®. It delivers unique benefits, preserving valuable crops right up to harvest.

Powerful Control, Long-Lasting Protection

Coragen® delivers exceptional broad-spectrum control of all major lepidopteran pests in tomatoes as well as leafminer (larvae)* control and provides silverleaf whitefly nymph suppression.

“Coragen® acts quickly to halt feeding damage and features ovicidal, ovi-larvicidal, larvicidal and adult activity to control pests at multiple life stages,” says Pacheco.1 And long-lasting residual control —21 days or longer, depending on application method — means Coragen® protects crops from multiple pest outbreaks while reducing the number of applications required for consistent control.

Flexible Application

Coragen® can be applied by foliar, drip or at-plant soil applications to suit a variety of production methods. It also features the shortest re-entry interval allowed, along with a one-day preharvest interval. “With this kind of flexibility, a last-minute infestation doesn’t have to delay harvest,” says Pacheco.

Excellent IPM Partner

Tomato growers value Coragen® for its role in integrated pest management (IPM) programs. “Coragen® is a targeted material that takes care of destructive pests without harming beneficials or flaring secondary pest problems,” says Pacheco.

As a Group 28 insecticide, Coragen® is an ideal rotation partner with DuPont Avaunt® insecticide — the only Group 22 insecticide available for use in tomatoes. “Used in rotation, Coragen® and Avaunt® provide long-lasting control of key pests in tomatoes, while supporting sound resistance management strategies,” Pacheco adds.

While Coragen® has many benefits, its value to growers can be summarized in one phrase: peace of mind. “Growers who choose Coragen® know it will get the job done — even under heavy pest pressure,” says DeShane. And that’s exactly what tomato growers are looking for.

* See product label for crop/pest combinations controlled or suppressed.

In line with Integrated Pest Management and Good Agricultural Practices, insecticide applications should be made when pollinators are not foraging to avoid unnecessary exposure.


¹Significant ovicidal activity is observed at varying levels depending on pest species. Disruption of adult insect behaviors in some pest species (e.g., tomato fruitworm, beet armyworm) such as mate finding, mating, oviposition, feeding, locomotion and orientation. Adult mortality is species, application rate, exposure level and time dependent.


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