Coragen® Insect Control

DuPont™ Coragen® delivers reliable and consistent control of key insect pests, including labeled worms and leafminer (larvae), to help achieve high-quality, high-yielding tomato, cucurbit and more.

Coragen® is the only insecticide labeled to control labeled worms through drip chemigation in addition to foliar spray, adding flexibility and eliminating costly trips across fields.

Powered by Rynaxypyr®, Coragen® works fast, preventing feeding damage within minutes of exposure. It also provides residual control on treated foliage or fruit from 14 to 21 days and longer in some cases to help prevent the build-up of pest populations, maximizing the yield potential of a crop. Coragen® has been registered by EPA under its Reduced Risk Program for use on several key crops, including artichoke, asparagus, lettuce, tomatoes, mint, field and sweet corn. With minimal impact on beneficial species, it’s an ideal partner in IPM programs when used in accordance to label directions. Additionally, it offers the shortest re-entry and short preharvest intervals adding additional flexibility in time management.

The best tomato disease control involves diligent scouting for damaging pests.

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  • Verimark™ provides early season soil-applied insect control for vegetable crops and young citrus trees.

    Verimark™ Insect Control

    Verimark™ delivers early season soil-applied insect control to protect vegetable crops and young citrus trees from insect damage to yield, quality.

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