UpBeet® Herbicide

Delivers Reliable Postemergence Control of Broadleaf and Grass Weeds in Sugar Beets

DuPont™ UpBeet® herbicide can be safely applied to sugar beets any time after planting, including those grown for seed.

UpBeet® herbicide controls key weeds, including wild buckwheat, chickweed, kochia, pigweed and velvetleaf, to keep beet fields clean and help improve yield. UpBeet® may be tank mixed with other suitable registered herbicides to broaden the spectrum of control. It can also be mixed with appropriately labeled fungicides and insecticides to decrease the number of trips through fields. UpBeet® offers rotation flexibility allowing any crop, except corn, to be planted just 14 days after application.

Crop Protection Plus® Program


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  • Sugar Beet Protection Program

    The DuPont™ Crop Protection Plus® sugar beet cost replacement program protects early season herbicide and insecticide investments for sugar beet growers who apply UpBeet® and/or Assure® II herbicides during the growing season.

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