DuPont™ Zorvec™ Disease Control Stops Downy Mildew on Cucumbers

Downy mildew on cucumbers remains one of the costliest diseases that cucumber producers face. DuPont Crop Protection has developed DuPont™ Zorvec™ disease control to help prevent losses in quality and quantity caused by this troublesome disease. This provides the opportunity for higher yields, better quality and improved productivity.

Happy grower showing the results of her successful cucumber production.

“Downy mildew is the most serious disease for cucumbers,” says Liu Chunxiao, a grower from Shouguang City, Shandong Province, China. Liu farms in an area that grows many vegetables. “When crops suffer from serious disease, yield will be directly affected. Downy mildew can decrease yield by 30 percent to 40 percent. The earnings of growers will drop.”

Downy mildew on cucumbers is caused by an oomycete pathogen, Pseudoperonospora cubensis, which attacks plant leaves. A chlorotic, yellow area appears on the upper leaf surface, which then expands to cover the whole leaf. The disease causes defoliation, resulting in a severe drop in yield. In addition, plants produce misshapen fruit that can suffer from sunscald due to lack of canopy cover, reducing the marketability of the cucumbers.

A chlorotic leaf affected by Downy Mildew on Cucumbers.

A Consistent Streak of Results

Fortunately, DuPont™ Zorvec™ disease control helps prevent downy mildew on cucumbers, avoiding yield losses and misshapen cucumbers. Zorvec™ technology offers an unmatched combination of consistency and longer-lasting disease control, helping you realize a healthier, more uniform cucumber crop. While Zorvec™ technology provides outstanding curative control, it should be used preventively before the first disease symptoms appear, ensuring downy mildew does not become established.

“It’s really difficult to deal with downy mildew,” says Wang You, a greenhouse vegetable grower from Fuqiao Village in China, a recent participant in a Zorvec™ disease control research trial. “In early spring, the disease was spreading at a high rate. Luckily, I used Zorvec™ disease control, and it turned out very effective. I used it only twice, but it was very efficient.”

Liu, who also took part in research trials, notes humidity in a greenhouse increases the risk of diseases such as downy mildew. Growers have been using fungicides to try to control these diseases, but Liu says diseases can become resistant to a fungicide. Misuse may also affect food safety. Zorvec™ technology has been formulated to be more effective at lower rates than other fungicides.

“Zorvec™ disease control worked excellently in the programs I saw,” Liu says.

A Chinese grower travels to market with cucumbers protected from Downy Mildew by DuPont™ Zorvec™.

Consider the experience of Zhang Haiyan, a Chinese grower who’s operated a greenhouse for cucumber production for 10 years.

“Diseases greatly influence cucumber production,” Zhang says. “When it rains, it gets really humid in the greenhouse. Diseases such as downy mildew tend to break out and spread really fast. When it stays cloudy for a long time, cucumbers stop growing and the yield is low.”

“Last year, it was really serious,” he says. “We had just hung up the plants and the fruits were about to grow, but as soon as we watered them, downy mildew spread everywhere. It was really serious.”

Then Zhang received Zorvec™ disease control as part of a research trial. “After I used it just once, I could see a great difference. The leaves started getting green and the disease spots on top all got dry. (Even on) rainy and cloudy days, the leaves stayed dry and the disease stopped spreading upward. The blades were thicker and the cucumbers also were longer. The yield was higher.”

Visitors noticed the difference between cucumbers treated with Zorvec™ technology and those that were not. “They asked us why the cucumbers were growing so well,” Zhang says. “I told them I used Zorvec™ disease control for the test. After using it for the first time, we could see the difference the next day.”

“With the yield increases, we can earn more money and enhance our living standard,” Wang says. “For example, we are building lots of new houses in our village thanks to cucumber production.”

In research trials, Zorvec™ technology has proven to be extremely reliable. Its excellent efficacy in the field can help reduce crop damage, improve yield potential and marketability.

Along with a favorable environmental profile, its attributes include:

  • Long-lasting, consistent control even in challenging environments
  • Outstanding protection of new growth – high systemic and rapid trans-laminar activity, spreading quickly to new areas of your crop. This enhances stand establishment, contributing to healthier, high-yielding plants and better-quality produce that can result in higher profit potential
  • Excellent preventive activity protects plants from damage, promoting healthy crop growth
  • Longer application intervals: up to 3-4 more days of unmatched consistency and control vs. the longest competitive application intervals
  • Superior rainfastness, with absorption within 20 minutes after application, improving productivity and reducing your use of resources
A phenology chart showing when to apply DuPont™ Zorvec™ to most effectively protect cucumbers from losses due to Downy Mildew on Cucumbers.

Less Product. More control.

Zorvec™ technology has been developed to provide protection against downy mildew on cucumbers in an environmentally friendly way. Less of the Zorvec™ product is used, all while delivering superior control and a favorable toxilogical profile to non-target organisms.   

“Using Zorvec™ disease control can cut labor needs and other operating costs,” Liu says. “What’s more, when crops grow well, less fertilizer is needed and yield rises.”

Talk to your DuPont Crop Protection representative to learn more about how Zorvec™ technology can prevent downy mildew of cucurbits and help you realize increased yields, profit potential and success in your fields.

* Source: Whole plant studies, DuPont Stine-Haskell Research Center, USA 2014

DuPont™ Zorvec™ disease control (oxathiapiprolin) is not registered for sale or use in all countries. No offer for sale, sale, or use of this product is permitted prior to issuance of the required country level registrations.