Explore the Life Cycle and Symptoms of Grape Downy Mildew

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Watch our video to learn more about the life cycle of the grape downy mildew pathogen and how it can spread through your vineyard without a proactive and preventive disease management plan.

In addition to destroying grapes, downy mildew can reduce the quality and yield of your harvest and cause indirect losses when premature defoliation predisposes vines to winter injuries. It can take a vineyard several years to recover from a severe injury.

The best approach to controlling grape downy mildew – also called Plasmopara viticola or Peronospora – is to apply preventive applications before the disease has a chance to attack and damage grapevines.  

New DuPont™ Zorvec™ technology offers an unmatched combination of consistency and control of downy mildew, even under challenging environmental conditions, to provide producers with an opportunity to realize higher yields and a better quality harvest.

Talk to your DuPont Crop Protection representative to learn more about how Zorvec™ technology works and how products containing Zorvec™ will help prevent damage from grape downy mildew in your vineyards.

DuPont™ Zorvec™ disease control (oxathiapiprolin) is not registered for sale or use in all countries. No offer for sale, sale, or use of this product is permitted prior to issuance of the required country level registrations.