High-Performance DuPont OLED Materials

High-Performance DuPont Solution Process OLED Materials

DuPont OLED technology delivers a unique liquid printing process and advanced materials optimized for OLED display manufacturers.

Illustration of OLED Display Structure

Structure of Solution Process OLEDs

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DuPont offers a suite of innovative, high-performance, solution-based materials that can be printed and coated at high speeds. All the materials are designed to work together to provide excellent device performance, quality, efficiency and lifetime.

DuPont OLED materials include:

• Hole Injection Layer (HIL)
• Hole Transport Layer (HTL)
• Emissive Layer (EML)
• Electron Transport Layer (ETL)

DuPont HIL materials have been shown to outperform other HILs in OLEDs and other types of organic electronics, including lighting and photovoltaics.

Key Attributes of DuPont HIL:

• High work function
• Water-based formulation
• Forms high-quality, transparent films
• Formulated for slot die coating, spin-coating or other printing and coating processes
• After processing DuPont HIL, other layers can be vapor deposited or solution processed


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