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Insulectro was established in 1964, and founded the modern day printed circuit materials distribution industry. Today, Insulectro is the world's largest distributor of printed circuit materials, with branch offices throughout the United States.

Insulectro is a leading edge supply chain manager of advanced electronic materials used to fabricate complex multilayer printed circuit boards and other electronic interconnect systems. Examples of these systems include backplanes, PC cards and semiconductor packaging systems. Insulectro specializes in offering materials used in the fabrication of multilayer printed circuit boards including prepregs, copper-clad laminates, dry film, photoresist, PCB Chemistry, backup, and entry materials, copper and aluminum foil, PCB tapes, precision drill bits and routers and release film. End products that are developed using Insulectro's distributed printed circuit materials include supercomputers, laptop and notebook computers, internet equipment, and cellular phones.

Insulectro has developed long-term alliances with its customers, which include leading independent printed circuit board fabricators and major electronic equipment manufacturers. Multilayer printed circuit boards and interconnect systems are used in virtually all electronic equipment to direct, sequence and control electronic signals between semiconductor devices (such as microprocessors and memory and logic devices). Insulectro's primary markets are printed circuit fabricators, contract manufacturers, and backplane assemblers.




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