Interra® Embedded Passive Materials

Innovative Embedded Passives Substrate Pushes Electrical Boundaries

A number of broad applications are benefiting from this innovative material solution, including multi-gigabit buses, telecom and high-reliability applications where high performance and thin circuit profiles are critical.

DuPont™ Interra® is designed to meet the emerging challenges in electronics to embed discrete and planar passive components into printed circuit boards. By embedding the passive components such as capacitors and resistors, designers can free up valuable space, improve board reliability, increase speed, and realize cost and inventory savings.


  • Interra® HK 04J Planar Capacitor Laminate
  • Interra® HK 04J

    DuPont™ Interra® embedded planar capacitor laminate is used to make thinner, more efficient power and ground planes within a multilayer printed wiring board.