Defogger and Defroster Systems

Thick Film Pastes for Defogger and Defroster Systems

DuPont offers a complete portfolio of materials for defogger and defroster systems.

Our system uses highly conductive, dense silver that allows for equivalent performance using up to 15% less silver.  Due to its proprietary formulation, even at such thin levels, our system demonstrates excellent performance – matching or exceeding the control ink in all key properties.

These materials offer the potential for:

  • 13-16% lower laydown vs. benchmark
  • Improved chemical resistance, green strength vs. benchmark
  • Acceptable performance on other parameters, including abrasion resistance, adhesion (Pb, Pb-free clips)
  • Fine line capablility (0.3mm), can use finer mesh screens
  • Color through the glass (dark red/brown) is acceptable