EKC Photoresist & Residue Removers

Photoresist and Post-Etch Residue Removal Chemistries for Semiconductor Fabrication

EKC Technology is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in the removal of photoresist post-dry etch process residue and chemical mechanical polishing defectivity.

Our products provide best in class process solutions for wafer cleaning, surface preparations, liquid and dry film resist removal, post CMP cleaning, selective etching and post-etch residue removal, enabling higher productivity, finer lines and improved yields.


  • Post-Etch Residue Removers

    Aqueous & Semi-aqueous organic mixtures formulated to effectively remove residues from substrate surfaces after via, poly and metal etch processes.

  • Removers for LED Fabrication

    Enable removal of positive- and negative-tone photoresists as well as plasma-hardened residues, and which are compatible with a wide variety of metals required to form LED contacts.

  • WLP Photoresist Removers & TSV Cleaners

    Formulations optimized to effectively remove thick and thin resists used for TSV masks and wafer bumping by solder electroplating or stencil printing.

  • Post Clean Treatments

    Post clean treatments are specifically formulated for use after post etch residue or photoresist removal and prior to the DI water rinse step.

  • Post-CMP Cleaners

    Aqueous formulations employed for post-CMP cleaning are designed to protect the planarized metals and dielectrics preventing metal corrosion while providing a smooth defect free wafer surface.