Temprion™ GF – Thermal Gap Filler

High Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers for Flexibility in Applications

Dispensable gap fillers are typically offered in two-part formulations that have a limited shelf life and require curing after application, which can lead to hardening, cracking and device failure. DuPont™ Temprion™ GF non-silicone dispensable gap filler provides a thixotropic one-part solution that is easily applied, remains conformable after application and does not flow during device operation to ensure that your thermal solution remains intact regardless of harsh operating conditions.

Outperform silicone-based two-part gap fillers by:

  • Discouraging phase separation
  • Reducing outgassing
  • Mitigating pump out

Differentiate from curable two-part gap fillers with:

  • Extended shelf life due to lack of reactive components
  • Pliability after application for vibrational resilience to cracking and fracture


  • Thermal designs requiring thick bondlines
  • Substrates with varying topology


  • Screen printable and cartridge/pump dispensable
  • Does not flow during device operation
  • Stays intact under harsh operating conditions