Temprion™ TG – Non-Silicone Thermal Grease

Low Thermal Resistance Greases for Silicone-Sensitive Applications

DuPont™ Temprion™ TG0510 is a non-silicone thermal grease designed to eliminate the outgassing of low molecular weight siloxane contamination the surrounding components in an electronic device. The rheology of the grease was optimized to enable easy application via dispensing and screen printing systems. Thin bondlines can be achieved to minimize the thermal resistance of the application. The formulation was also optimized to withstand thermal cycling conditions.



  • Thermal designs requiring thin bondlines
  • Interface for heat sinks or heat spreaders


  • Thixotropic formulations facilitate automated dispensing and screen printing
  • Stable formulations exhibit consistent performance during thermal cycling
  • High performing and cost effective

Product Information