Temprion™ TG – Non-Silicone Thermal Grease

Low Thermal Resistance Greases for Silicone-Sensitive Applications

The elimination of silicone elements from the formulation of DuPont™ Temprion™ TG non-silicone thermal greases allows them to outperform traditional thermal greases by mitigating the common issues of phase separation, outgassing and pump out that reduce silicone grease efficacy over the device lifetime. 

Our range of thermal greases features thixotropic formulations to facilitate dispensing and screen printing, allowing for easy application, while offering extended levels of high performance in the face of extreme thermal cycling conditions.


Outperform traditional silicone-based thermal greases by:

  • Discouraging phase separation
  • Reducing outgassing
  • Mitigating pump out


  • Thermal designs requiring thin bondlines
  • Interface for heat sinks or heat spreaders


  • No redeposition onto optical components
  • Thixotropic formulations facilitate automated dispensing and screen printing
  • Stable formulations exhibit consistent performance during thermal cycling