High Frequency RF & mm Wave Applications

GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC Material System for Multi-Chip Modules

The DuPont™ GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC material system is designed to deliver the best reliability/performance vs. system level cost through high levels of integration, with or without the use of electro-magnetic band gaps (EBG). The reliability and versatility of GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC directly enhances performance on MCM-C packages used in analog front-end (AFE) circuitry on tower-top, backhaul and satellite-based telecommunications, as well as a wide array of transmitters, receivers and transceivers, ranging from high speed switching equipment to traditional radio frequency (RF) and millimeter wave applications.

GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC enables lower system cost in multiple ways, thanks to:

  • Integrated antenna array
  • Reduced interconnect/package size
  • Higher assembly yield
  • Two-part assembly (known good substrate)
  • Flexible die attach (flip-chip/wirebond)
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) match to bare die
  • Embedded passives
  • Silver metallurgy available
  • Compatible with laser patterning (ablation/structuring)
  • Plating compatible (ENiG [electroless nickel/immersion gold] and electroplate)
  • Flexible design (can be mounted as surface mount technology [SMT] component into organic substrates or be the substrate itself)

With GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC, performance is enhanced with:

  • Integrated electro-magnetic band gap (EBG) structures
  • Cavity packaged chips
  • Reduced coupling between antennas
  • Improved side lobe level performance
  • Suppressed parasitic cavity mode resonance
  • 10x better thermal management capability vs. multi-chip module using multilayer laminated PCB (MCM-L) solutions

High reliability for GreenTape™ 9K7 is ensured by means of: 

  • High integration (antenna, EBG, cavities, etc.)
  • Embedded passives structure
  • CTE match to bare die
  • Plating compatible
  • Can be hermetic
  • Zero moisture absorption