Tyvek® Cargo Covers: Excellent Protection Against Temperature Excursions

Tyvek™ Air Cargo Covers: Temperature Management Performance


  • Test samples – Low thermal mass (110 liters water, liqui-pack) euro sized pallets, each protected with a different cover. 
  • Covers tested – Tyvek® low emissivity cover and pre-formed metallized bubble wrap cover.
  • Control – No protective cover.
    Pallet configuration – 18 15”x15”x15” boxes stacked 3Wx2Dx3H; stretch wrapped on sides only for load stabilization.
  • Air and product temperatures measured at top center, south face center, & top southeast and southwest corners.
  • Test conducted in Florida, November 2012. 
  • Full sun exposure with ambient high temperature of 31°C (88°F).
Tyvek® Cargo Coves substantially lower peak temperature and extend tarmac times during cold chain breaks.