Kevlar® Thermal Protection Products Gloves & Sleeves

Heat Resistant Gloves – Superior Thermal Protection at High Temperatures

Heat-resistant gloves made of DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fibre help provide critical thermal protection in extreme environments where workers are exposed to intense heat and sharp objects.

When working in metal and glass forming, heat-resistant gloves are absolute necessities in keeping your workforce safe and productive. Heavyweight terry cloth gloves and heavyweight terry cloth mitts composed of 100% Kevlar® terry cloth are suitable for use in steel manufacturing or where workers are exposed to hot surfaces and sharp objects. For added protection, inner linings made of either wool or DuPont™ Nomex® are available.

This high level of protection is also available in outer layer mittens made of woven Kevlar®. The outer material of these mittens is 100% woven fabric made of Kevlar® fibre, and linings can be made of Nomex® or wool. These mittens are designed for use in high-heat applications where workers are exposed to hot, sharp objects, such as handling castings where sharp burrs might be a problem.

And, because of the extreme hazards of working in high-temperature environments, the outstanding performance seen in manufacturers’ heat-resistant gloves made of Kevlar® can also be applied to sleeves of Kevlar®. Sleeves come in tubular knit form or woven cut-and-sew varieties to offer a range of protection from shoulder to glove.

Working with metal and glass forming and hot surfaces requires gloves or sleeves that offer the highest level of protection against the multiple hazards of a high-heat workplace. That’s why manufacturers offer you a variety of heat-resistant glove options made of Kevlar® to suit your needs.




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