Kevlar® Cut Technology

Cut Resistant Kevlar® — Because Safety Is No Accident

Most industrial accidents can be avoided, so when workers do get in harm’s way, Kevlar® Cut Protection can make all the difference.

For thousands of workers in the aerospace, electronics, metal fabrication, glass handling and automotive industries, the most crucial thing in the world is safety. Manufacturers’ gloves, sleeves, and garments made with Kevlar® brand fiber helps provide the cut-resistant protection these workers need. These garments are extraordinarily strong, lightweight, and resistant to both cuts and abrasion, helping those who rely on Kevlar® to get through the task at hand. Outside of factories, lumberjacks, builders, and skilled-labor workers make it a practice to use boots and leggings reinforced with Kevlar® to help protect their legs and feet.

For work environments that require even greater cut protection, or demand increased cleanliness, or enhanced touch and feel for the handling of small, intricate parts, manufacturers’ products with DuPont™ Kevlar® include:

  • Kevlar® Clean Technology . Offers low linting and contamination properties in environments where cleanliness and protection are important.

  • Kevlar® Armor Technology . For excellent cut protection without compromising comfort and manual dexterity in critical environments where the potential for cuts and slashes is high.

  • Kevlar® Stretch Armor Technology . Offers similar cut protection as Kevlar® Armor for workers requiring high-level cut protection with improved comfort, and dexterity.


  • Gloves made with DuPont™ Kevlar®

    Industrial Gloves made with Kevlar®

  • Kevlar® Thermal Protection Products Gloves & Sleeves

    For hot surface contact hazards present in metal and glass forming foundries, DuPont created terry cloth made of Kevlar® fibre for use in heat-resistant gloves. Heavyweight gloves and mitts composed of 100% Kevlar® terry cloth and Kevlar® blends help offer a high level of protection for high-heat applications.

  • Cut Test Methods

    Review the various cut test methods used by regional and global standards groups to rate the level of cut protection of gloves and other accessories.

  • Cut Protection

    Whenever workers need superior cut protection, the cut- and fire- resistant properties of Kevlar® fiber fill that need.