Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor Technology

Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor technology — All the protection without all the weight.

Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor technology helps prove that a lighter-weight helmet can still offer heavy protection.  A critical reason to have Kevlar® fiber in your “kit”.

DuPont is constantly innovating to help manufacturers provide our military personnel with lighter, stronger, and safer products.  Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor technology helps manufacturers provide a lighter-weight helmet in a 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® solution. Made from a high-toughness resin combined with Kevlar® KM2® Plus fiber, Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor technology helps manufacturers allow for a 20% decrease in helmet weight, while maintaining the same performance as the current Advanced Combat Helmet. Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor technology can also be used to help design helmets that provide up to a 20% increase in performance at an equivalent weight.

Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor technology also helps provide:
•    Minimal back face deformation
•    Fewer layers and reduced stitching requirements
•    Patented woven fabric

DuPont Kevlar® XP™ for Hard Armor technology helps manufacturers provide protection for our warfighters by incorporating excellent ballistic and non-ballistic protection to help lower the risk of blunt force trauma.  One more critical reason to have gear made with Kevlar® fiber in your “kit”.


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