Vehicle Armor Made with Kevlar® fiber

Vehicle Armoring — The Same Trusted Kevlar® Fiber Performance

The same properties that make DuPont™ Kevlar® a trusted fiber for use in personal body armor helps make it the natural choice for vehicle armoring systems.

Warfighters count on their training and equipment when completing a mission. That’s where spall liners, spall blankets and RPG nets made with DuPont™ Kevlar® come in. Armor systems made with Kevlar® brand fiber are among the lightest, most durable, reliable, flame-resistant, heat resistant and high-value choice for a range of MRAP vehicles, ships, airplanes, and helicopters.

Kevlar® fiber does not melt or shrink when exposed to extreme heat and flame and is extremely resistant to cuts.  Ballistic panels made with Kevlar® fiber perform well over a broad range of environmental conditions and maintain ballistic performance after years of service.

Vehicle armoring made using Kevlar® fiber helps provide better protection at a lower weight.  In addition, it helps:

  • Reduce weight, allowing for reduced fuel consumption, higher payloads, and increased maneuverability
  • Allow for a thinner, lighter armor system
  • Meet NAVSEA requirements for flame, smoke, and toxicity and will not act as a fuel source nor sustain combustion
  • Offer excellent thermal stability and can be used continuously at temperatures above 120°C without loss of performance
  • Maintain ballistic performance after years of service


Kevlar® and Nomex® Changed Protection


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