Food Protection

Comprehensive Food Protection Solutions

With consumer concerns about food safety and quality clearly driving today’s buying decisions, manufacturers need food protection solutions that are effective and efficient.

Controlling a broad variety of microorganisms is a major challenge in complex food systems sold via long supply chains. Food protection covers a combination of physical, chemical and biological hurdles to control both spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms and extend shelf life while complying with microbial safety policies.

DuPont offers a broad range of food protection products to help you meet the rigorous standards of your food safety programs with speed, efficiency and efficacy.

Our user-friendly food diagnostic systems, based on molecular biotechnology, include the BAX® System for accurate, reliable pathogen testing and the RiboPrinter® System for monitoring your microbial environment.

And for formulation needs, the Danisco® line of premier protective cultures, along with blends that combine natural ingredients with well-defined antimicrobial or antioxidative functionality, help reduce unwanted bacteria and extend the shelf life of your products.


  • Foam Packaging Alternative

    Coldpack’s Airliner thermally insulated pouch is a foam packaging alternative for shipping temperature-sensitive products, made with three DuPont resins.

  • Barrier Packaging for Baby Food

  • Cheese Packaging

  • Foam Trays

    European packaging converter WipakGryspeert uses DuPont™ Bynel® in foam trays for a more efficient, flexible, and fresher packaging solution for meat, seafood and ready-to-eat meals.

  • Tamper-Evident Packaging

    An Italian packaging converter uses DuPont™ Appeel® for a reliable, easy-to-peel, tamper-evident packaging solution for ice cream.


  • DPT_Industrial_Packaging_Food
  • Food Packaging

    DuPont™ Tyvek® for food packaging protects food quality and extends shelf life through its usage in active and intelligent packaging. It can be used during every stage of the food chain to keep produce fresh.